Jim Morris


Jim Morris is an articulate singer/songwriter with a devotion to storytelling. Whether it is a thoughtful ballad about doomed love or an anthem to a night of drunken revelry, the listener can always count on well-crafted songs with carefully drawn characters, clever lyrics, and satirical charm.

Jim grew up in Georgia and Florida and has a heritage rich in music. His grandfather led a dance band, and everyone in the family either played an instrument or sang. At age 10, Jim taught himself to play the guitar by listening to Hank Williams records. Although he pursued a career in human resources management after college, he continued to write songs and dream of the day when he could do it full-time.

During his 15-year corporate career, his job allowed him to live in several interesting locales, such as Montana, New Orleans, St. Simons Island, and the Chesapeake Bay area, all of which would figure prominently in his writing. Following a business trip during which he renewed his love affair with the southwest coast of Florida, Jim took the leap he had been contemplating for some time and left the corporate world for good.

From the beginning he took a big risk by featuring original music. A fortuitous meeting with recording artist Randy Matthews resulted in Matthews’ producing Jim’s first recording, “Laid Back and Key Wasted,” released in 1996 by Fish Head Music.

After his first CD was released, Jim wanted to play before a listening audience with a better appreciation for what he had to say, so he changed his focus from bars to coffeehouses and bookstores. Although he made less money, he started to develop the fan base that now travels from all over the country to catch one of his sold-out shows.

Another way that Jim distinguishes himself from other artists is by releasing a new CD every year. During the eight years after “Laid Back and Key Wasted” debuted, Jim released eight additional studio CDs, three live CDs, and two compilations featuring a variety of musical moods—especially jazz, country, and acoustic folk, all touched with his distinctive sense of humor.

With the success of each CD, the pressure grew to perform more outside the state of Florida. He formed the Big Bamboo Band and splits his time between band shows and solo shows. So far, he has taken his special brand of tropical music to 27 different states, Canada, the Bahamas, many of the Caribbean Islands, Belize, and French Polynesia.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter and recording artist, Jim also runs his own record label, Fish Head Music, a small but very successful operation. And while he continues to direct his efforts toward expanding his fan base and touring with the Big Bamboo Band, he still makes time for fishing and boating and will always be on the lookout for song material. 

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