m/s Paul Gauguin

m/s Paul Gauguin

Stewards of Nature

A New Program for Kids and Families, in Partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

The South Pacific is more than a dream destination: it's also a fascinating getaway where families can share activities, strengthen bonds, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Paul Gauguin Cruises is offering a new way for families to explore this breathtaking part of the world together through a joint program with the Wildlife Conservation Society. WCS has been committed to saving wildlife and wild places for over 120 years. In addition to being among the world’s leading science and conservation organizations, WCS manages the largest urban network of zoological parks, educating and inspiring millions of people at the New York Zoos and Aquarium. During the summer months and holiday season, Stewards of Nature: a WCS Partnership, is offered aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin and invites guests to discover and value nature through hands-on, interactive learning for children ages 7-17, as well as family members.

Once aboard the ship, the WCS naturalists will gather with families and provide a program introduction and itinerary for the duration of the voyage. Every day, there will be a combination of island and/or beach excursions, science activities, crafts, games, and other adventures. While all of the items on the itinerary are included for kids through the nominal fee paid aboard ship, family members are invited and encouraged to participate in most activities for the additional cost of the shore excursions. The Stewards of Nature program must be reserved at the time of booking. 

Dates Available:

Tahiti & the Society Islands – 7 Nights
December 23, 2017, December 30, 2017

Society Islands & Tuamotus – 10 Nights
July 5, 2017

Cook Islands & Society Islands – 11 Nights
July 15, 2017

Cook Islands & Society Islands (Reunion Cruise) – 10 Nights
July 26, 2017