Wildlife Discovery Series

Wildlife Discovery Series

A New Educational Program and Lecture Series, in Partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Efforts to protect biodiversity and delicate ecosystems—such as the coral reefs of the South Pacific—are becoming more urgent. Paul Gauguin Cruises is proud to partner with the Wildlife Conservation Society to offer a new series of onboard lectures about the environment and wildlife of our planet. Join us on select sailings of The Gauguin for presentations by some of the world’s most fascinating conservation scientists and oceanographers. Best of all, it’s included in your fare!

other Wildlife Speakers appearing on the m/s Paul Gauguin

Wildlife Discovery Series Guest Natalia Rossi Aboard The Gauguin
Cuba Country Manager, WCS Mesoamerica & Western Caribbean Program
October 6, 2018

Natalia A. Rossi has been involved with coastal and crocodile conservation in Cuba since 2009 and has worked with local governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote biodiversity conservation on the island. Discover more about biology and the conservation of sea turtles during enlightening presentations aboard The Gauguin.

Wildlife Discovery Series Jason Patlis Onboard The Gauguin
Executive Director, Marine Conservation
June 16, 2018

Jason Patlis has 30 years of experience in nonprofit management, environmental law, public policy, and finance, working internationally and domestically, in public and private sectors. He currently oversees WCS’s global marine conservation portfolio across 25 countries. Benefit from his deep and wide-ranging expertise in all aspects of natural resource management during his presentations aboard The Gauguin.

Wildlife Discovery Series Ken Kassem Onboard The Gauguin
Marine Director, WCS Indonesia Program
May 5, 2018

Ken Kassem’s career has taken him to tropical marine conservation projects around the world. In his current role with the Wildlife Conservation Society, he focuses on the Coral Triangle and making fisheries sustainable through community engagement. Join us aboard The Gauguin for a series of fascinating lectures about marine conservation in the heart of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia by this distinguished expert.

Wildlife Discovery Series Yashika Nand Onboard The Gauguin
Marine Scientist
February 24, 2018

An expert in coral health assessment, design, data analysis, mapping, and more, Yashika Nand holds a post-graduate degree in Marine Science and is currently pursuing a Masters’ degree in coral reef ecology, focusing on coral disease. Delve further into conservation challenges and opportunities in the South Pacific and threats to coral reefs during Yashika’s presentations aboard The Gauguin.

Wildlife Discovery Series Ravaka Ranaivoson Onboard The Gauguin
Marine Conservation Director, WCS Madagascar Program
March 31, 2018

A trained economist, Ravaka Natacha Ranaivoson has 16 years’ experience in conservation finance, natural resources management, and community development in Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, and the African region. Join us aboard The Gauguin to learn more about the conservation of Madagascar's marine biodiversity. 

Wildlife Discovery Series Merry Camhi Onboard The Gauguin
Director, New York Seascape Program, WCS New York Aquarium and Global Marine Programs
December 15, 2018

The Director of WCS’s New York Seascape Program since its inception in 2010, Merry Camhi has enjoyed a distinguished career in marine science and conservation. Much of her work has been focused on domestic and international conservation and management of large ocean fishes, and sharks in particular. Gain a new appreciation for these fascinating creatures of the deep during her presentations aboard The Gauguin.