Voyage Spotlight: Athens to Rome on the m/v Tere Moana - Part VI


Voyage Spotlight: Athens to Rome on the m/v Tere Moana - Part VI

August 27, 2013

Day 6: Thursday, June 20, 2013, Capri, Italy

With its imperial villas, medieval churches, elegant 19th-century residences, magnificent coastal walks, flower-strewn mountain slopes, and the shimmering blue Mediterranean sea, Capri has long been enticing travelers with its irrepressible beauty.

During breakfast, the ship sailed by the Faraglioni, which are three immense, 262-328 foot (80-100 meter) high stacks, impressive forms that have been created by the erosive action of the wind and sea.

It was truly a stunning place to enjoy breakfast. Around the pool, stations were set up with breakfast fare so guests could enjoy the unique views al fresco.

A variety of fresh fruit, lox, meats, and cheeses were displayed on one station.

Fresh-baked pastries, croissants, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and tarts on another.

And iced tea, smoothies, and fresh-squeezed juice on another. There was also a station for toast, bagels, and English muffins. Next to that was the omelet station where one of the chefs prepared cooked-to-order omelets.

After breakfast, I took the tender from the ship to Capri.

The legendary Piazzetta is a tiny square bordered by chic pavement cafés, where the world’s beautiful people come to be seen. Designer boutiques line the streets of this historic center.

A great way to experience Capri is by taking a thrilling 12-minute ride on the Monte Solaro chairlift to the summit of Monte Solaro, a mountain on Capri, 1,932 feet (589 meters) above sea level.

Breathtaking views of Capri, the Gulf of Naples, the Gulf of Salerno, and the neighboring island of Ischia can be had here.

Trees and fragrant flowers dot the island’s landscape.

Capri’s rugged cliffs meet the sea’s varying shades of blue.

In addition to the infamous Piazzetta, the Blue Grotto (“Grotta Azzurra”) is one of Capri’s most famous attractions. It is a sea cave that is 196-feet (60 meters) long with an 82-foot (25-meter) wide cavity.  Small rowing boats are moored outside the cave to take visitors inside to see the magical blue reflections that illuminate the cavern.


After a day in port, The Moana set sail for Sorrento, Italy.  We enjoyed scenic sailing en route, reaching Sorrento at sunset and anchoring in the bay.


Dinner was in L’Etoile this evening.  I selected the Tuna tartare and sashimi for the starter.

Then I dined on tender beef medallions atop a bed of pasta, chanterelle mushrooms, and Italian parsley for the main course.

After dinner, Sorrento had an incredible fireworks show, and The Moana guests had front-row seats.

Sunbursts of red, yellow, blue, and silver lit up the sky.