Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands

April 9 - 23, 2022
m/s Paul Gauguin
Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands
14–night Cruise
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DatePortArrival TimeDeparture
Saturday – April 9, 2022Papeete, Tahiti, Society IslandsEmbarkation begins at 3:00 pm11:55 pm
Sunday – April 10, 2022Sea Day
Monday – April 11, 2022Fakarava, Tuamotus8:00 am5:00 pm
Tuesday – April 12, 2022Sea Day
Wednesday – April 13, 2022Omoa, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands8:00 am6:00 pm
Thursday – April 14, 2022Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands8:00 am6:00 pm
Friday – April 15, 2022Hapatoni, Tahuata, Marquesas Islands8:00 am6:00 pm
Saturday – April 16, 2022Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands8:00 am6:00 pm
Sunday – April 17, 2022Sea Day
Monday – April 18, 2022Sea Day
Tuesday – April 19, 2022Huahine, Society Islands8:00 am5:00 pm
Wednesday – April 20, 2022Bora Bora, Society Islands8:00 am11:00 pm
Thursday – April 21, 2022Taha'a, Society Islands9:00 am5:00 pm
Friday – April 22, 2022Moorea, Society Islands8:00 am5:00 pm
Friday – April 22, 2022Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands7:30 pm11:05 pm
Saturday – April 23, 2022Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands8:00 am

Consider spending a few extra days on your favorite island by adding a hotel stay before or after your cruise.

  • Polynesian women perform a beckoning dance
Day 1 – Embark the m/s Paul Gauguin in Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands

The largest of French Polynesia’s 118 islands, Tahiti and its capital city of Papeete are the perfect place to begin your South Pacific sojourn. The Gauguin is already waiting in the harbor for your adventure to begin on the island that’s called “the Queen of the Pacific.”

  • A male and female diner enjoy lunch in La Veranda
Day 2 – At Sea

A day at sea is the perfect time to revel in the delicious on board cuisine, relax by the pool, or learn something new. Brush up on the history of the places you’ll visit, chat up one of our interesting guest hosts, or learn about Polynesian culture from Les Gauguins and Les Gauguines.

  • A group of friends pose for a picture in front of a church while touring the island on bicycles
Day 3 – Fakarava, Tuamotus

Fakarava is an unspoiled paradise in every sense of the word. In addition to the many rare species of plants and animals you’ll find in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it’s also a place of cultural and historical significance, with charming villages, ancient temples, and spectacular coral-adorned churches.

  • A Polynesian man teaches two ship guests how to play drums
Day 4 – At Sea

Have you met Les Gauguins and Les Gauguines yet? Our onboard hosts are at the ready to share their Polynesian culture, with Tahitian dance and music lessons, hands-on traditional craft demonstrations, and an array of activities for all ages.


  • Four friends look out at the ocean while on a pit-stop on a jeep tour
Day 5 – Omoa, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands

The Southernmost island in the Marquesas, Fatu Hiva is wild, remote, and spectacularly beautiful. Don’t forget your camera—you’ll be treated to jungle greenery that begins right at the water’s edge; sheer cliffs; and deep, indigo waters. With only 500 residents and only one road, this island is almost completely yours.

  • Paul Gauguins gravesite in a tropical cemetary on Hiva Oa
Day 6 – Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands

The city of Atuona is a favorite of the yacht set, yet beyond the marina, you’ll find ancient stone tiki carvings, mysterious petroglyphs, and dense, emerald jungle. Where will you start your exploration?

  • A guest from the ship gives a high-five to a young boy in a troupe of island entertainers
Day 7 – Hapatoni, Tahuata, Marquesas Islands

The leaf-shaped volcanic island of Tahuata may be small, at only 19 square miles, but it’s full of surprises—in fact, its name means “surprise” in Marquesan. Discover the quaint village of Hapatoni, the ancient royal walkway that’s an archeological treasure, and a huge, Vatican-built Catholic church. 

  • Four friends explore the vines on a giant banyan tree
Day 8 – Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands

Water or land? If you're an experienced diver, you may want to try a SCUBA excursion while in Taiohae. Or perhaps you'll explore the village on your own. If you'd like to venture further, consider embarking upon an optional 4x4 excursion through the Taipivai Valley.

  • A male guest relaxes as he gets a deep tissue massage in the ship's spa
Day 9 & 10 – At Sea

Your journey is all about discovery, and the exploration doesn’t end when you board The Gauguin to make your way to your next destination. Indeed, your time at sea is packed with educational opportunities, from lectures given by renowned anthropologists to cooking lessons with the executive chef, and more. Of course, two days at sea mean there’s also ample time to schedule a spa appointment and plan your next adventure. 

  • Two couples playfully try to knock each other into the lagoon
Day 11 – Huahine, Society Islands

Don’t be fooled by the vibe of this laid-back, secluded island. Many treasures are hidden among the lush rainforest and dramatic terrain. With a bit of exploration, you’ll uncover some of the best-preserved archeological sites in French Polynesia. Underwater treasures await as well, with a SCUBA excursion in the lagoon.

  • Four friends frolick in a Bora Bora lagoon with mountains in the backdrop
Day 12 – Bora Bora, Society Islands

Like a priceless Paul Gauguin painting come to life, storied Bora Bora is colorful and unforgettable. The landscape alone will have you searching for adequate adjectives, especially once you see the lagoon—“turquoise” just doesn’t do it justice.

  • Kayakers, snorkelers and revelers play in the lagoon on Motu Mahana near the floating bar
Day 13 – Taha’a, Society Islands

As the day unfolds in front of you in Taha’a, where will you go? Exciting shore excursions await, but so does Motu Mahana, Paul Gauguin Cruises’ own private islet. Choose from swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or simply lounging on the beach with a cold drink from our floating bar. Les Gauguines are also on hand to share musical entertainment and Polynesian crafts.

  • A couple interacts with a stingray in an aquamarine lagoon
Day 14 – Moorea, Society Islands

Said to be the inspiration for James A. Michener’s novel “South Pacific” (and the Rogers & Hammerstein’s musical tribute, too), Moorea is a favorite port of travelers, though it might be hard to put your finger on why. The “Magical Island” hypnotizes with multi-hued lagoons, mountain peaks, quaint villages, and pineapples—yes, pineapples. They’re said to be the most delicious in all of French Polynesia. In the evening sail back to Papeete, Tahiti. Don’t worry—your journey hasn’t quite ended yet.

  • Polynesian girls teach guests Tahitian dance on deck at sunrise
Day 15 – Disembark in Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands

Tahiti’s capital city of Papeete is where we’ll part ways and say “until we meet again.” But your journey doesn’t have to end just yet—Tahiti’s resorts, spas, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife await.