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PEARLS Spotlight: Audrey Phillips

August 1, 2018

Agent:  Audrey Teren Phillips
Certified:  Travel agent, California licensed marriage and family therapist, and USAPA Pickleball Ambassador
Agency: Sorensen Travel
City: Del Mar, CA
Travelers:  Personal friends and pickleball friends from around the US

Initial Lead:  My husband and I went on the m/s Paul Gauguin 20 years ago and loved it! We wanted to go back, so we decided to put a group together. To get started, we spoke to Shawna Orendorff in Paul Gauguin Cruises’ Group Sales department and met Nancy Iovino, the company’s Director of Sales, Southwest Region. Shawna coordinated with the ship’s staff to make sure they could accommodate us and help the group with organizing a couple of pickleball games on Deck 9.

Budget:   Best pricing available
Nights Requested: 14-night Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands
Final Sale:  Paul Gauguin Cruises helped me create a brochure and voilà! I sent it out to my friends, and 38 people have booked so far!

Sales Approach: I do not advertise. Word of mouth has been my approach for the last 30 years. For this cruise, I sent out the wonderful brochure via email. People called me to register and give their credit card number. Shawna took care of everything! She made all the bookings for me using my master list, which contained all the necessary data.