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PEARLS Spotlight: Shannon Bradley

February 26, 2019

Name of Agent:  Shannon Bradley

Certified:  PEARLS Agent and Certified Tahiti Specialist for over 4 years

City/State:  Chicago, IL

Travelers:  8+ Our agency doesn’t sell a lot of cruising, but certainly Paul Gauguin is the type of luxury experience we focus on at Down Under Endeavours.

Nights Requested:  7-10 Nights

Final Booking Cost:  $12,500, but normally $7-8000/person

As a Tahiti Specialist, I like to use the Paul Gauguin Cruises option to add on nights in Bora Bora for the overwater bungalow experience.

Sales Approach:  First, you need to qualify that the clients have the budget for the islands of Tahiti. Once established, definitely sell them on the all-inclusive nature of Paul Gauguin Cruises and the experience of seeing multiple islands. The beauty of the islands of Tahiti cannot be undersold, clients have no idea how gorgeous that water is until they see it. Regarding this sale-  I told the client that it was one of the best ways to see the islands. I had already sold him previously on a cruise in Fiji. Paul Gauguin Cruises is a step up from that cruise. Given the fact that the cruise allows clients to see and do so much - it was an easy sale.