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PEARLS Spotlight: Jenna Fredyschyn

August 5, 2019
  • PGC PEARLS Spotlight Jenna Fredyschyn

Name:  Jenna Fedyschyn

Certified:  PEARLS Agent

City/State/Prov:  Missoula, MT

Travelers:  3

Initial Lead:  Parents and their adult son wanted to experience the South Pacific for the first time.  Hoping to be off the boat as much as possible to soak up the local culture and take advantage of active excursions!

Budget:  Ideally between 30-40K all-in (easy to do with 3 people!)

Nights Requested:  10-12 day cruise plus a few days extended on each end in hotels

Final Booking Cost:  $38,905 with extensions and flight upgrades

Sales Approach: Having just come off of my recent Paul Gauguin cruise, I was eager to share my experience and enthusiasm for the product. If the client's budget is reasonable, especially once they know that flights from LAX/SFO are included, I focus on how tailored the experience can be for each traveler. Honeymooners looking for romance and privacy? Make dinner reservations for two on board, order room services as much as you want, and stick to the beautiful white-sand beaches. Family with energetic children? Soak up as many of the on board cultural enrichment programs from the Les Gaugines and opt for the more active snorkeling and ATV excursions! Empty nesters looking to mingle?  Join a group table for dinner and hit up the evening entertainment! There is always something for everyone.