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PEARLS Spotlight: Angel Sidor

September 27, 2019

Name: Angel Sidor

City/State/Prov: Lake Zurich, IL, USA

Travelers: Edward Skahill 

Budget: $18,000.00

Nights Requested: 10 days

Final Booking Cost: $17,850.00

Sales Approach: Knowing your client and what they desire is an important part of being a travel adviser. Recently, a client called about a special they saw on Hawaii on a different cruise line, but I knew that they would not be happy if we booked that trip. I took the time to explain to my client the value of a Paul Gauguin Cruise, and how the size of the ship and crew to passenger ratio would mean a much better experience for them. We compared itineraries and amenities and by the end, my client realized that Paul Gauguin was not only a better match for them, but a better value as well.