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PEARLS Spotlight: Melanie Doorley

November 26, 2019

Name:  Melanie Doorley

Certified:  CTA, Signature Luxury Cruise Specialist

City/State/Prov: California

Travelers:  2

Initial Lead:  New client looking for a scuba trip

Budget:  Unstated

Nights Requested: 14

Final Booking Cost:  $23,858.00 ($14,920 was PG cruise portion)

Sales Approach: I truly believe that a cruise vacation is one of THE best values and travel experiences available, so I presented the bi-annual Fiji to Tahiti cruise in lieu of a traditional resort stay to a new client wanting a tropical diving vacation. We went back and forth on this but I prevailed and it was perfect for this couple. Dr. Cohen could set up dives and then still do shore excursions with his wife. No diving widow on my watch! By presenting the option realistically, and fleshing out how it would actually work, the clients changed their minds and opted for the cruise over the resort. Offering these valuable suggestions and being persistent eliminated any potential objections. Creating a seamless itinerary ensured they had a fully immersive, relaxing and revitalizing cruise vacation experience. Paul Gauguin Cruises already provides excellent value with authentic onboard activities that are unrivaled, so it was smooth sailing.