m/s Paul Gauguin

Dive Staff

Maud Tarico

Hailing from France, Maud Tarico has been diving since the age of 23, entranced by the underwater world’s silence, three-dimensional quality, and marine life — especially its hammerhead and tiger sharks.

Aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin, she is dedicated to making our guests happy while also sharing her passion for diving and helping them discover marine life and care about the delicate environment in which our ship sails. Aboard ship, she appreciates the opportunity to dive in different spots, depending on the itinerary. “French Polynesia offers the best dives, with clear water and different species of sharks,” she says.

When not at sea, Maud enjoys traveling, athletics, and reading.

Sail on select voyages with Sport Coordinator Maud Tarico on board The Gauguin.

Karim Djoudi

Karim lives to be in the water and to teach our guests all about the amazing underwater world of French Polynesia.

Karim started diving 20 years ago in Marseille, France. In the years since, he has explored other famous French dive spots, such as Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea and Mayote in the Indian Ocean. During his 8 years living in Bali, Indonesia, he explored the waters extensively, including in nearby Komodo Island and Rajat Ampat. On board the m/s Paul Gauguin for three years now, Karim has deemed the waters of French Polynesia one of his favorite diving spots in the world because of it's crystalline waters. As much as he loves being in the water, he says his favorite part of his job is to see the guests' gigantic smiles when they come out of the water.

Sail on select voyages with Marina Supervisor Karim Djoudi on board The Gauguin.