Cruises visiting Hakahau, Ua Pou Island (French Polynesia)

Located in the Marquesas Islands, in the north-east of French Polynesia, Hakahau is the main village and port of Ua Pou (meaning “pillars”), the third largest island in the archipelago. Nestling in the curve of a sheltered bay, Hakahau will charm you with its tranquillity and the wild splendour of its scenery. Lined with a black-sand beach, the village offers an unsettling landscape with volcanic rock peaks that rise up like imposing statues. Inhabited since 150 B.C., Hakahau is home to several churches and the Motu Haka cultural federation. The 2,000 or so inhabitants of the island live primarily off fishing, farming and crafts. Their wooden and stone sculptures are renowned.

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