Cruises visiting Huahine, Society Islands (French Polynesia)

Points Of Interest

Fare is the main town on Huahine, consisting of a row of stores, a wharf, and a swimming beach. Starting at the Restaurant New Temarara, follow the promenade north along the waterfront to the Fare Public Beach, which runs along the west side of the main street. Bora Bora lies in the distance. Shops are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8:30am to noon, and are closed Sundays. The Handicraft Center at the village exit (south end) is also closed on Sundays. Telephone booths are operated with local phone cards. Rental car offices, restrooms, restaurants, shops, and main facilities are across from the main street. Heading north through town, the post office is on the right.

Located on the shores of Lake Fauna Nui, the village of Maeva was the major cultural and religious center of Huahine. More than 200 stone structures have been discovered from the water’s edge to the overlooking Matairea Hill. This outdoor museum contains over 40 marae (temples) and other archaeological sites built by ancient chiefs, with a one-mile trail leading up Matairea Hill. On the western edge of the area is Fare Potee, a replica of the original 1925 communal meeting house destroyed by a hurricane. On the lake and to the east of Maeva are several old fish traps. When the tide is high, fish swim into the traps and are caught as the tide goes out.

Faie and Belvedere Lookout
Along the east coast about two miles south of Maeva is the small village of Faie. Sacred blue-eyed eels live in the river running under the bridge in the center of town. They respond to feedings, and fish can be bought for them at the red kiosk. Further along the road heading south is the Belvedere Lookout on the slopes of Mt. Turi.

Local Information

Population: 6,303 (2012)

Language: French, Tahitian

Currency: XPF

Scheduled Docking Location: Ship is anchored in the bay. Guests tender to flat wooden pier. There is no town or beach located on Maroe Bay.

Banks / ATMs: Fare: Open Mon–Fri, 07:45am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4pm. Closed Sat–Sun. All major CC accepted. Cash: Best to have local currency (XPF). US $ accepted but not everywhere. € not accepted.

Post Office: “OPT.” Fare: Open Mon–Thurs, 7am to 3pm. Fri, 7am to 2pm.

Transportation: From the pier, complimentary Le Truck shuttles run from 8:30am to 3pm to the main town of Fare. Approximately 20-minute ride.

Moe’s Taxi: +689 (40) 72-80-60
Enite’s Taxi: +689 (40) 68-82-37
Fares are about $8 from Fare to the airport, and over $32 from Fare to the southern end of Huahine Iti (the smaller of Huahine’s two main islands).

Rental Cars:
Avis, Fare or airport: +689 (40) 68-73-34
Europcar, Fare (across from post office) or airport: +689 (40) 68-82-59

Church Services: Protestant Church in Maroe Bay starts at 10am. Catholic Church in Fare starts at 9am.

Port Agent Contact:
Office: +689 (40) 86-51-32
Mobile: +689 (87) 29-25-02

Speaking The Language…

Hello: Bonjour
Goodbye: Au revoir
Thank you: Merci
Excuse me: Excusez-moi
Please: S’il vous plaît
Yes: Oui
No: Non
Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous anglais?
Can you help me?: Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Hello: Ia Orana (yo-rah-nah)
Goodbye: Nana (nah-nah)
Thank you: Mauruuru (mah-roo-roo)
Please: No real word. “Na” softens requests.
Yes: E (ay)
No: Aita (eye-tah)
Do you speak English?: Ua ite oe i te parau Marite?
(oo-ah ee-tay oh-ay ee tay pah-rah-oo mah-ree-tay)

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