Cruises visiting Nuku'alofa (Tonga)

The capital of the Kingdom of Tonga, nestling on the northern coast of the main island of Tongatapu, Nuku’alofa will unveil itself in an exceptional environment, between lush nature and captivating coves. You will fall in love with this charming city, discovered in 1616 by the Dutch explorer Abel Jensen Tasman, where Tongan culture and colonial heritage create an interesting blend, such as its Royal Palace or its Victorian cathedral, the Free Church of Tonga. In its picturesque little streets, admire the local handicraft made of tapas, weaved and hand-decorated cloth, or ta’ovalas, mats of braided screw pine leaves worn around the waist during traditional ceremonies. 

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Duration: 11 Nights
Next Departure Date: 10/8/2022
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