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Extend Your Trip

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

As you cruise among the emerald islands and azure lagoons of French Polynesia and the South Seas, you’ll be enveloped in the beauty of the region and the warm friendliness of its people. Prolong your enjoyment of your time here and view this paradise from a different perspective by adding a hotel stay before or after your cruise. Paul Gauguin Cruises has handpicked a range of choices that let you suit your style, from glamorous resorts to quiet island escapes.



A tantalizing scent lingers in the air on French Polynesia’s “Vanilla Island,” where 80% of the region’s crop is cultivated. Spend time on this unspoiled island of intense beauty, with many deep bays fringed with purau trees, incredible tropical colors, and scattering of motus. Discover a tranquil land where time stands still and people practice ancestral methods of fishing, canoeing, and farming. Or venture to nearby sister island Raiatea, the cultural, religious, royal, and political heart of Polynesia and home to the Society Islands’ most significant archaeological sites.