How to register your Agency

Create a Travel Agency Account

Travel Advisors from any of Paul Gauguin Cruises registered travel agencies may create a travel advisor account. In order to comply with U.S. Federal Reporting requirements and to ensure timely and accurate commission processing, Paul Gauguin Cruises must verify and record your agency information. Please submit the following items to register your agency: 1. A letter on your Company Letterhead including your agency name, address, phone number, fax number, your name, and e-mail address. If you belong to a consortium, please also let us know which one. 2. A clear copy of your agency's IATAN, ARC or CLIA certificate. If you are not a member of IATAN, ARC or CLIA, please submit a clear copy of one of the following documents: ASTA membership certificate, a copy of your agency’s incorporation document issued by your state or province, or a local business license issued to your agency. 3. A completed IRS form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (for more information, click here). If you have questions about how to complete these IRS forms, please consult your business accountant. Please submit the three items listed above to the following email address: We will notify you by e-mail when the registration process has been completed. If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please call Paul Gauguin Cruises at 1 (800) 848-6172. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I find the new Travel Advisor Center? A: To find the new Travel Advisor Center, click on the “Login / Manage Trip” button at the top of the main navigation of or click the “Travel Advisor Center” button on the footer of the PGC website. Q: What are the steps to find the Agency ID (Agency Number)? A: Your Agency ID appears on the front page of any past confirmation document made under your current Agency. If this is the first time your Agency is booking with us, please visit and follow the steps to register your Agency.  Q: Why can't I register with my IATA or CLIA number? A: In our current environment, the unique identifier for every Agency is the Agency ID. In addition, with so many agencies merging and affiliating with other businesses, this unique identifier allows us to have the most current information in our systems.  Q: What are the steps to register an Agency? A: For the steps on how to register an Agency, please visit: Q: Can I use my old Paul Gauguin Cruises login? A: Because this is a brand-new booking engine, we require new login credentials. Q: Will the old Travel Advisor area/site link redirect me to the new site? A: If you click on the “old” Travel Advisor Center (TAC), we have included a link to redirect you to the new TAC. Within the TAC you now have access to the B2B booking engine plus other tools available to help you grow your business. Q: Will I have to create my own registration, or can my Agency register as a master account and create sign-on’s for each Travel Advisor? A: Each Travel Advisor will have to create their own registration in order to receive a password to access the Travel Advisor Center. Q: Where can I find the Paul Gauguin Society number of a past guest? A: The Paul Gauguin Society number can be located in a prior confirmation document of a past guest. If you do not have access to a prior confirmation document, you should call Reservations at 800-848-6172. (Please note: If potential a traveler has completed a form on, they’ve been assigned a Paul Gauguin Society number, even if they haven’t traveled with PGC or Ponant previously.) Q: During the booking process, can I see the deck plan before selecting a stateroom? A: The deck plan is only visible as you are allowed to choose a different room. If there is only one stateroom available, you will not be able to see the deck plan. Q: Will I be able to make a booking online if I have a group contract? A: Because all group contracts are different, you must contact us at or call 877-495-0859. Q: Will I be able to use the B2B Platform to make a booking for someone from Canada with a preferred Canadian rate? A: Because we must verify booking eligibility, you may make the booking online, but you must contact us at 800-848-6172 so we can validate the booking and adjust the price as needed. Q: How do I add a shipboard credit to my booking? A: To verify agency and guest eligibility, please contact our Reservation Department at 800-848-6172. Q: What forms of payment are accepted for a guest booking? A: Major forms of payment are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Please keep in mind that the credit card used must match one of the names on the guest’s booking. Q: Can I book a shore excursion online?  A: Currently the system does not allow us to book shore excursions online. Shore excursions most likely are available 60 days prior sailing. Q: I would like to add my consortium benefits while making a booking. Can I add my benefit online? A: Because we must verify booking eligibility, you may make the booking online, but you must contact us at 800-848-6172 so we can validate the booking and adjust the amenity as needed. Q: How can I book air as part of a cruise package? A: To select the appropriate air package, you must contact us at 800-848-6172. Q: How can I book a hotel package? A: Select hotel packages are available online, for additional information on hotel packages, please contact us at 800-848-6172. Q: How do I add special requests such as: anniversaries, blessing ceremonies, honeymoon, birthdays, etc? A: Please contact our Reservation Department at 800-848-6172 for special requests and availability. Q: Will I receive both a client friendly and Advisor version of the invoice? A: Both versions will be sent to your email address. Q: After making a booking or option, can I make edits to the reservation online? A: To make changes to an existing booking, including cancelling the reservation, you must contact us at 800-848-6172 so we can validate the booking and adjust the information as needed. Q: Can I make final payment online? A: Yes, final payment may be made online even if you have made your deposit over the phone with a Reservation Agent. You will only be able to make the full deposit amount or final payment amount. Should you wish to make partial payments against a booking, you must contact Reservations. Q: Will I be reminded about final payment due dates and shore excursion availability? A: At this time, the B2B Platform does not support autogenerated reminders.  Q: Is there a way to denote guests in different rooms traveling together? A: To denote guests travelling together in different rooms, you must contact us at 800-848-6172 and provide the booking numbers of the guests travelling together. Q: Will agencies be set up as a ‘master account’ that can access any of the bookings that agents in their office make? A: Only the agency's main contact will be able to see bookings made by their agency. For any other questions, please visit our website at or you may call us Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm EST or email us at