Virtual Crème Brûlée Demonstration

July 6, 2021

Paul Gauguin Cruises' Sales Director Vicky Lubyk, Western Canada, and Marcia Pilgeram of Capers Food Adventures hosted a virtual cooking class. We made crème brûlée!

If you're a fan of Paul Gauguin Cruises then you've likely heard all about Tahitian vanilla crème brûlée. During this presentation, many followed along and learned how to make this delectable dessert and all about the vibrant world of Tahiti. If you missed it or would like a recap, you can watch it now.

During our presentation, we asked participants to submit an image of their lovely creations for a chance to win a gift card. Our winner was Shelley Child (photo featured below). 

Congratulations, Shelley!

Crème Brûlée