Virtual Paint Party

April 1, 2021

Sales Directors Vicky Lubyk and Liz Coleman, hosted a virtual paint party in March and what a turn out! Our subject? The colorful and delicious pineapple found on the island of Moorea. We were thrilled at the submissions we received from the participants; such a wonderful variety of colors and styles, each and every one a unique work of art. The winners of our pineapple painting contest are Audrey Wu and Toya Aultman. Thank you to all of our participants, and be on the lookout for our next webinar!

If you missed it or would like a recap, you can watch it now</a >!  

Winner, Audrey Wu and niece

Virtual Paint Party Winners

Winner, Toya Aultman, City Dreamer Destinations

Pineapple Painting Party Choose Joy