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Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands

Tour the Earth’s most stunning islands in 14 nights from Tahiti. Virtually undiscovered for centuries, the remote Marquesas afford a true glimpse of authentic Polynesia. On these rugged islands, a unique culture is inscribed in wood carvings, and artist Paul Gauguin found his muse. Sailing by luxury, small ship aboard the stately m/s Paul Gauguin, you’ll voyage to four islands in the Marquesas on a special itinerary that also encompasses the diving mecca of the Tuamotus archipelago, and some of the most legendary ports in the Society Islands.

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Formed from volcanic activity, the Marquesas Islands jut majestically out of the rocky cobalt seas. Their jagged coasts offer no coral reefs or beaches. Popular activities include exploring the rainforest covered hills and deep valleys once populated by ancient Maori tribes. The lure of these islands has long attracted adventurers with their wild beauty. The Tuamotus are a unique string of coral ringlets that form protective circles around interior lagoons, allowing for the proliferation of rare species of marine and plant life. And, the Society Islands, with their turquoise lagoons, azure skies, and soaring mountain peaks, give ample opportunity to relax, swim, take in local culture, and explore on land. On this one-of-a-kind itinerary, the m/s Paul Gauguin charts a course that provides a comprehensive view of French Polynesia.