Helene Poirier

Ia Orana from Helene!

Helene Poirier

Director of Sales, Eastern Canada



(416) 888-5421

Even without special promotions, the m/s Paul Gauguin is an easy sell. After all, our award-winning small ship sails year-round in French Polynesia and the South Seas—a fantasyland of perfect weather, impossibly blue lagoons, and islands that delight the eye with their lofty mountains, sugar-sand beaches, and swaying palms. Plus, our ship offers an idyllic and authentic Polynesian lifestyle experience, as well as incredible all-inclusive value with gourmet dining, attentive service, beverages including select wines and spirits, watersports, entertainment, and a wealth of amenities all included. All that for 50% off standard cruise fares plus included roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles!

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PEARLS Spotlight Stephanie Spears

TA Name : Stephanie Spears 

Certified: PEARLS Partner

City, State: Elk Grove, CA

Travelers: Group of Travel Friends – 7 passengers

Initial Lead: Past Travel Client and Companions... Read more

March 30, 2021
Adele McIntosh PEARLS Travel Advisor Spotlight

Name: Adele McIntosh

Certified: PEARLS Partner

City/State/Prov: Vista, CA

Travelers: Seminar at Sea – Spiritual Retreat

Initial Lead: Past Group Leader

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July 8, 2021
PEARLS Spotlight: Cathy Larsen

Name :  Cathy Larsen

Certified:    PEARLS Partner

City, Prov: Sidney, BC, Canada

Travelers:  After 1 week of promoting, 15 and hope to have 40 total

Initial Lead:  Create a Group... Read more

February 17, 2021
Toni Lanotte-Day, President, Toni Tours

Name : Toni Lanotte-Day, President, Toni Tours, Inc.

Certified: PEARLS Partner

City/State/Prov: Levittown, NY

Travelers: Small group who travel with me on annual trips to exotic destinations around the world... Read more

January 27, 2021
PEARLS Spotlight: Steve Lincoln

Name: Steve Lincoln

Certified: PEARLS Partner

City/State/Prov: Bridgewater, VA

Travelers: Group of friends – 15 passengers

Initial Lead: past guests(Paul Gauguin Society)

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November 24, 2020