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PEARLS Spotlight: Terry Uemura

January 20, 2020
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises featured PEARLS Parter, Terry Uemura.

Name:  Terry Uemura

Certified:  PEARLS Agent

City/State/Prov: Seattle, Washington

Travelers: 23 and growing 

Initial Lead: Facebook members asking to set up a group with Paul Gauguin Cruises 

Budget:  $4,500 to $9,200 per person

Nights Requested: 11 nights

Final Booking Cost:  $125,421.00

Sales Approach: I was approached by the moderator of a French Polynesia Facebook group that I was invited to join a few years ago. He commented that several individuals in the group had asked if he was ever going to lead a group there. We talked over the phone about that idea and agreed that Paul Gauguin Cruises was the best way to host a group trip to the South Pacific. We selected the Cook Islands & Society Islands 11-night itinerary and the dates that we thought would work for our group. I contacted my sales representative, Rolf Freedman, who helped me set up a group contract. We then proceeded to promote our group by posting the details online. On a daily basis we made Facebook posts showcasing amazing photos of the m/s Paul Gauguin, their friendly onboard staff, and the islands that we would visit in French Polynesia. We also shared comments and information about our cruise experiences, including what to expect aboard The Gauguin, the value of the cruise and what Paul Gauguin Cruises includes, and extras that are available, such as shore excursions, laundry service, etc. Many questions were posted, which we were able to answer easily. Past guests also shared their photos and comments on how much they loved Paul Gauguin Cruises, which helped to convince first-timers to join the group sailing.